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The signature pedicure throne, Toepia GX pedicure spa, has a name that speaks for itself. An unmatched achievement in design with fine upholstery, an elegant and durable glass bowl and flawless pipe-less whirlpool system sets Toepia GX pedicure spa apart from the ordinary


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  • Discharge Pump $250
  • Ventilation Kit $150
  • Autofill-Magnetic Jet $250


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SKU: 364215375135191
  • Dimension 56″L x 30″W x 58″H
    Weight 300 LBS
    Capacity of Tub 4 US Gallon
    Auto Fill Optional
    Glass Bowl Material Hard Roc – Made in USA
    Pipe-Less or Magna Jet Yes; Optional
    Operation Switch On/Off Air Activated Switch
    Massage System Full Shiatsu Massage System
    Discharge Pump Motor 110V 5.5 AMP 60HZ (optional)
    Power Source 110V, 15Amp, 60HZ with Dedicated Outlet
    Drain Connection P-Trap Pre-installed with 1.5” PVC Pipe
    Plumbing Source Hot & Cold Water 0.5” Fitting
    Whirlpool Pump Motor 120 VAC 60HZ; 1.2A; 55W Single Drive with Dual Whirlpool
    Certification UL Approved

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